I was over at Studio E recording Revealing Voices with my good friend Eric over a glass of wine. Between sips, Eric looked at me quizzically and asked, “How many of your readers listen to our podcast?”

I was dumbfounded. Literally found dumb.

“I have no idea!” I exclaimed, “Furthermore, I don’t even know how many of my readers know about Revealing Voices.” [Note: Eric and I don’t always drink wine, but when we do, we can be redundant and say things like furthermore.]

How about you? Yes, you, Delight in Disorder reader out there. The one looking at this post on your mobile phone, your iPad, laptop, PC, or God-knows-whatever-other-kind of technology.

Do you know about Revealing Voices? If so, have you checked us out?

Let me share a little about our show:

Several podcasts touch on mental health. Others bring up topics of faith. We offer a unique faith-based, peer-led perspective. This is a project that has been born out of our own need and a recognition of the needs of others. Revealing Voices shares emotionally honest stories of ways faith and mental healthcare can work together to promote healing. We also offer humor. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.  (“Why Reveal”)

We have done 31 episodes now over the course of two seasons. (Season 3 begins in March). We explore a wide variety of topics on the subject of faith and mental health. Each episode begins with the voice of a guest giving a brief response to our signature question, “What does healing mean to you?” From there, we examine with our guests issues related to spirituality and well-being, focusing particularly on faith and mental illness.

But, as they say on reputable infomercials — don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what our listeners are saying:

“Powerful Insight From Transcending Struggles”

The high intelligence and unique wisdom of these two podcasters regarding mental illness comes from continual work on their own personal journey and from continual listening to and learning from people with severe mental illness. They also seek wisdom from family and community figures who care for people with mental illness, so they are perfectly suited to hold these regular discussions about this complex and often misunderstood part of human life.  ~ D.R.W.


I appreciate Eric and Tony’s air of authenticity and genuine passion for mental health awareness. They integrate faith in a natural way that emphasizes the holistic journey which I appreciate because I largely attribute my own faith in Christ to my healing journey. That being said, they do a great job of making the material inclusive to those who do not hold the Christian faith. Well done! ~ M.S.

“Real and honest.”

This is not theory. It’s not abstract. It’s people who live with both faith and mental illness. More to the point, they live with a life including faith and mental illness. This is real information, and a real blessing.  ~ K.L.

If you are new to Revealing Voices, visit our website: revealingvoices.com and browse. If you want to get a taste of one of episodes, hover over “PODCAST” in the upper center portion of the screen and click on Season 1 or Season 2. Each episode is self-contained, so you need not listen in a particular sequence. Find what appeals to you. You can get a taste of our show with:

Revealing Voices Trailer (5:31), or

Season 2 Trailer (8:19)

If you wish, start with our most recent episode, one of my favorites:

“Bryon Ross: Tony’s GOAT Therapist”

Bryon addresses many subjects, including, “Is there a difference between a Christian therapist and a therapist who is a Christian?”

Listen to the voices we reveal. They may be very much like your own.