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Delight in Disorder Ministries

Tony Roberts, Chief Shepherd

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.
(Psalms 37:4)

HfTM Book Cover

The Hope for Troubled Minds Spring 2024 Book Tour was a success! Tony Roberts and guest speakers were at locations in Indianapolis and Columbus, Indiana, in Hebron and Louisville, Kentucky, and in Media, PA.
Details at this link: Book tour details

Hardcover, paperback, and Kindle books are available for order now: Purchase Hope for Troubled Minds

Revealing Voices podcast has begun Season 7, along with more Haikasts, and links to hosts appearing on other podcasts of interest.

Head-over-Healed (and a little Jesus Crazy) by Katie R. Dale

Head-over-Healed (and a Little Jesus- Crazy) Katie R. Dale Cured from chronic crazy? By no means cured. But healed, yes. By grace, I am ever grateful for the psychiatric medications that I take on the daily. Just the other morning I perused through my old medical records from hospitalizations at 16 and 24. The zany, fanatic, maniacal ways my mind could work! I can't even read my handwriting from back then in the black and white composition notebooks I kept. Most of the manic psychosis hijacked this ability to clearly pen my thoughts, and I stand amazed at the obvious (to me now) absurdity where my mind went. It was like I had been abducted and someone else was living in my body and brain…not far from what I believed happened while in that state of mind. Suffice to say, that person no longer exists. And I am so glad. [...]

Pick up Your Pen and Write ✍️

“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.” — Martin Luther. “There is nothing so tragic as the untold story inside you.” — Maya Angelou. Writing has been part of my vocation for half a century. My writing has dropped off a good bit of late — both in terms of frequency and effectiveness. Recently I’ve been giving some thought to stepping away from my chosen/appointed vocation and finding something else to do with my time. After all, I am on disability and writing does not exactly provide me a stream of income. What difference would it make if I stopped? Couldn’t I be of better use doing something else? In lieu of just quitting, I have wandered the wilderness wasteland of Facebook. I have met many friends who have given me great support. But I have also concluded, at least for me, at least [...]

“What Will Become of Me?” said my Inner Child, by Dan Staub

Today's blog post is written by my friend, Dan Staub, who wrote this as part of a memoir class. Tony I am afraid to tell my story. Many times I have shared anecdotes about my life in some relevant conversational situation but there is no way I can tell MY STORY. One reason for my hesitation is that my story is very much still in progress. Another reason is that my remaining living siblings would object to, I imagine, my interpretation of our family's history. The risk of pushback against and criticism of my voice speaking in this world prevents me from sharing my story with those whom it may help. Timidity. Anxiety. Cowardice. There are true details in my story that contradict what are seen as acceptable, normal and allowable behaviors. The consequent problems and my DIY solutions, for better or for worse, also defy convention. The miracles are [...]

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BipolarBrave 2024 Awards – Winners x2!

We are pleased to share that Delight in Disorder Ministries was honored in two categories of the BipolarBrave 2024 Awards! These awards recognize work done to "educate, enlighten, and transform the way society and the church perceive and treat those with mental illness". Tony was interviewed by Katie Dale after the announcement. Read the exclusive interview on her blog: BipolarBrave Awards Exclusive Interview: Tony Roberts     BipolarBrave Mental Health & Faith Award for Influencer - third place to Tony Roberts BipolarBrave Mental Heath & Faith Award for Broadcast - tied for third place to Revealing Voices podcast Thank you, Katie!

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Hope for Troubled Minds Homecoming

The initial book tour of Hope for Troubled Minds came to a rousing close with a talk/dialogue at Louisville Seminary for their Alumni Day of Giving. Going back to my alma mater ‘90 after three decades was an adjustment but it was great to meet students, staff, trustees, and fellow alumni like Ginny Brown and David Wallace. It was a blessing to be so warmly received and I want to particularly thank Laura Kelley and all who facilitated the visit.All told, I spoke at 9 engagements at 7 venues in my former Kentuckiana homeland. It was a delight to join Pastor George Love, Helen Sarver, and the saints at Hebron Presbyterian; share my story with faithful friends Eric and Jen Riddle at First Presbyterian (Columbus, IN) and greet my fellow seniors with Linda Clark at Mill Race Center. Thanks to the Bartholomew County Public library for hosting an event where [...]

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Hope for Troubled Minds Paperback and Tour Launch

"It is impossible to read this collection without a moist eye, an overwhelming anger at the cruelty of brain diseases, exasperation at society's failure to help, and a deep admiration for the undaunted spirit of those who speak out and advocate for their fellow travelers on such a difficult path."- Pete Earley, author of CRAZY: A Father's Search Through America's Mental Health Madness, finalist for the 2007 Pulitzer PrizeHope for Troubled Minds is now available in paperback and can be ordered through Ingram Sparks from any bookstore. It is also available at Amazon. The list price is $19.99. Net proceeds support National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC), and Delight in Disorder Ministries (DiDMin). Hope for Troubled Minds is a trove of tributes, collected to celebrate the lives, legacy, and strength of those who lead brave lives in the face of brain disorders and mental illness. These [...]

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