Delight in Disorder Ministries is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that produces content to inform and inspire persons impacted by brain illnesses and other mental health conditions. Tony Roberts serves as CEO and Chief Shepherd, equipping Board members and other volunteers to carry out our mission as wounded healers.

Delight in Disorder Ministries (DiDMin) was conceived in 2014, following the publication of Delight in Disorder: Ministry, Madness, Mission by Tony Roberts. Since then, we have developed two mental health support groups: Faithful Friends (2014) in Columbus, IN and Light & Grace (2021) in Indianapolis, IN, as well as a podcast, Revealing Voices, a Facebook podcast community page by that name, and the inspirational and informational Facebook group, Hope for Troubled Minds. Rev. Roberts followed up his devotional with the publication of When Despair Meets Delight: Stories of Hope for Those Living with Mental Illness. In 2022, DiDMin was recognized as a non-profit and awarded tax-exempt status. Currently, we have an Executive Board of seven members and many other advisors.