HfTM Book Cover

Hope for Troubled Minds: Tributes to People with Brain Illnesses and Their Loved Ones  is a collection of over 100 letters, poems, and stories by those with brain illnesses (such as schizophrenia, bipolar, schizoaffective disorder, and major depression). These pages reveal the care and concern that families and loved ones share in spite of tremendous obstacles.

Tony Roberts, author of When Despair Meets Delight, is the editor/curator of this collection. Roberts knows brain illnesses inside and out. As one who has battled with bipolar for over four decades while serving as a pastor and advocate, he speaks openly of his own highs and lows and develops platforms for others to share theirs.

In Spring, 2024, Tony will be on a book tour to share readings from the book, host Q&A sessions, and sign books.

Here is the Book Tour Schedule to date, with more opportunities being added.

Copies of the book are available now in hardcover and Kindle versions, with a paperback version becoming available soon.

If you would like to have Tony visit your area, reach out to him at tony@delightindisorder.org