I am a retired pastor and missionary. I am 65 and have bad Asthma. If I catch Corona Virus survival is poor. Doctors are choosing who lives and dies for we very short on respirators. I wonder if I should minister to sick and call it a day. I am seriously contemplating it. As death rates increase I will go back out. I am a hospice pastor and involved with Homeland. I am a widower and family gone. I, of few, can do it. ~ B.R.

I’m ok, thanks. I’m pretty much an introvert, so life isn’t too much different so far. Mostly I’m just concerned about all the economic impact to so many people we know. Trying to help out as much as possible with gift cards for food, funds and whatnot. I’m hoping it will be over fairly soon. ~ J.W.

I had an ankle replacement 2 weeks ago. I found out the only relative of my 8 yo granddaughter could only be watched by me. The pain is excruciating but getting a little easier each day. My granddaughter has made the whole ordeal easier. I thank you for asking and I hope your experience hasn’t been to problematic. I really could use a friend. ~ C.P.

I have PTSD, as well as other stuff. However, I am trying to stay hopefully grounded. I live in HealthCare facility I am struggling with not being able to hug and comfort my peeps . I am trying to work through Facebook Family friends to keep people cheered up and praying for those who need comfort… But I get overwhelmed and break down in tears at times. I listen to my favorite music by Irish singers and look at scenes of Ireland to calm me . ~ M.H.

I’m surprisingly handling the situation much better than others I’m sure. I chose to limit how much I hear about it which helps the situation of concern for me as my parents are both high risk, one of which is in a nursing home. I have my mom home here with me and have taken over everything for her to ensure her safety but truthfully I find strength in my faith. I say small prayers throughout the day and remain hopeful that when this passes more compassion, kindness, and empathy is restored in the world. I also find myself remembering the serenity prayer and psalms 23. These things are what seems to help me with inner peace. I hope you and your family are safe and remain strong during this time of uncertainty. ~ B.H.

My family and I are doing just fine. We’re healthy at this point, I’m able to do my job from home, and the Lord is being good to us in the midst of trial. It’s been enjoyable to see my older teenage kids (we have five total and three teens) get to spend a lot more time with their little siblings, and they’ve done far more special bonding this week that I would have anticipated. A joy to see! ~ L.O.

I get daily reports from my husband in who is still running his family medicine clinic here about 2-3 hrs north of New Orleans and we’re are starting to see the surge beginning to spread northward after last months Mardi Gras set the city up for the numbers they are seeing. One of the things he’s having issues with is attempting to get telemedicine appt for as many as he can especially seniors and those others vulnerable. He’s remarked that there is trouble with seniors and some SMI patients understanding and participating in telemedicine. They require extra instructions and help. Is it possible to get word out to senior groups such as maybe AARP and groups such as NAMI to see if they could possibly be a source of education for these people. ~ G.B.

We transformed our high school into a hospital. We are hoping we can handle the influx but not likely according to the math. Keeping my 2 college kids & high school kid busy and positive is a challenge in itself. Worrying about my nurse, doctor, police, ENT and firefighter friends is definitely the biggest weight. ~ S.P.

Surviving! I got laid off from my job on Wednesday. The company is very small and experienced 50 cancellations and could cause the company to close. So, I am driving Uber as a full time job. It has me a little concerned because of the people exposure. I am trying very hard to put all my trust in God to get me through. I may or may not be called back. I have another job prospect but have been waiting on it for about three months. Good company that would provide the job stability I haven’t had in a long while. This two week closure is affecting everyone, everywhere. I have to believe some good will come out of it. It is forcing families to actually spend time together and for people, in general, to slow down. ~ K.F.

We’re doing good. I’m staying home as I had a liver transplant. I don’t have much of an immune system. Trying to just say safe. I’m doing good and practicing self-quarantine. My food supply is staying safe and in plenty. I’m definitely not going hungry. My only major concern, I have no income since this all started. I’m going to sign up for unemployment today. So, I’ll see if I qualify and maybe have a little bit coming in. Thank you for asking. I hope you are doing well too. ~ M.B.

We are making do. My mental illness set me up to handle this good! I have to check myself to make sure i dont see the air as i used to – a mass of germs. But so far so good and my meds are still available so thats great. ~ J.C.

We’re doing ok. Trying to stay positive and in the word, knowing He’ll get us through this. Thx for checking, praying daily for all. ~ T.E.

my anxiety has been very difficult but I know who God is and I’m anchored in my father the devil is so ugly but this is why they lie I do claim Beauty for my ashes God is fail proof in his promises so I wait on my father.

I am staying in as much as possible took my son to get groceries.and go to PO once in a while. Thanks for checking in. I hope you will forward my post as I cannot remember after posting,each time I speak my heart. I am so tired after all these years I live in worst country and state in the world to address mental health. ~ D.N.

It’s been a challenge this last week. We are under a State of Emergency. It’s like a ghost town. I’ve been so blessed to have such a great support team. My church family, my neighbors, family, and groups I’m involved it keeps me focused. I pray for our community, country and nation that we are strong as I feel we are becoming closer to God. He has a plan. Have a blessed week. ~ K.D.