This week, I’ve been contacting Facebook friends to see how they are doing coping with this Covid-19 crisis.  The responses I’ve received show a resilient spirit even in the face of uncertain times. Here are some examples of this:


I’m doing good and practicing self-quarantine. My food supply is staying safe and in plenty. I’m definitely not going hungry. My only major concern, I have no income since this all started. I’m going to sign up for unemployment today. So, I’ll see if I qualify and maybe have a little bit coming in. Thank you for asking. I hope you are doing well too. ~ M.C.


Pretty good, although I work at an “essential” store where hoards of people are ignoring the lockdown and come in for retail therapy, exposing us and other shoppers to the virus. They just don’t care and it’s frustrating. Gotta go, thanks for the message. ~ J.B.


Fine. We don’t do much testing here in Iowa (Republican Governor). Numbers of infected are approaching 200 with 1 death. I do have to move about for work but with extensive cleaning/sanitizing and PPE. Today is my last installation of equipment in a hospital for a while. My assessment is that the average person is not taking many precautions. Have heard many say, “it’s not as bad as they say.” Our son lives about an hour away in a group home run by a horrible organization. I suspect that defenses there are not great. We have tried to assist. We bought and installed a washer and dryer so that they can clean clothing without going outside. Shameful negligence. ~ S.C.


I’m in lockdown in Florida, trying to teach orchestra online. I’m making do, but its frustrating for sure. ~ M.R.


Unfortunately my family has been hit with the virus. My husband and daughter are both first responders in Los Angeles and managed to infect only me somehow. I’m doing well though. A little tough to breathe but I’m weathering the storm with a positive attitude! I hope you are doing well and staying healthy! ~ A.W.


Not too great. Went to the ER last weekend because I couldn’t breathe. I got tested and it came back negative but there’s a lot of talk about extremely prevalent false negatives due to poor testing, so I’m not sure if I buy that I really don’t have it because my symptoms are just so perfect for it. ~ L.W.


I am not doing great. To be honest o haven’t told any one. I’m a licensed therapist. I am weirdly angry. I also have asthma and allergies. I have been super sick with a fever. I have been exposed to two different people who tested positive but o can’t get a test. So I’m in quarantine. Trying to make money through telehealth. ~ D.H.


We’re just fine! Not enjoying being cooped up, but the kids are doing great with being home every day, all things considered. Tony is still fully employed. I am not getting any shifts as the hospitals are fairly empty here, but I see that as a sign of good preparation. I worry about the lack of protective equipment if I do have to work. It’s all in God’s hands. How are you doing? ~ A.C.


My grandkids won’t let me go no place but I got sick Sunday. I was passing out and had to go to ER on Tuesday and they admitted me. Had to have a pacemaker put in and also a stint for dialysis. I was pretty sick for awhile but felt lots better today and got to come home from the hospital about 12:30 today. ~ J.H.


This isn’t much of a change for me. So it’s all good on that front. Virginia was just locked down pretty good, we were worried about husband’s job, (tree guy, works for power company clearing lines). Just found out today it’s considered essential, so phew! This all is a blessing in a weird way though. My son was planning to go back to living on the streets at the end of the month. This prevents that, no restaurants, public bathrooms, etc. But he’s barely holding on, it’s a day to day tightrope act, will he need to go back to hospital today. ~ A.W.


I can’t work… which is huge on my PTSD…. nursing was my calling…. and this would be something I’d be good at. I’m a disaster trained specialist. Ugh so i feel so wasted at home. But my profession tries to kill me once this time it might win. My white count is 4…..very low… I’m talking to nurses all over Italy and USA and Trauma docs i trained… that helps. ~ L.C.


Me & Husband doing fine so far – worried about my 78 y-old mom – worried about my daughter, son-in-law and first grandchild in TN – tornadoes & virus. Praying a lot.  ~ B.J.


Working in the prison with this going on is very tiring. I’m thankful I have a job to go to though. Staying quarantined isn’t so bad, luckily I live in a fun house 🙂 ~ B.R.


I have not worked in 2 weeks.. please say some prayers .. my workplace I am certain will be closed for a while, a brewery. ~ L.C.


I am not going out except for cancer treatment. Period. ~ M.P.


I am doing ok, a little more anxious as I work in the healthcare field and am seeing patients in their home.  I have a son in an inpatient Psych hospital, waiting for housing right now and stable. and 4 other adult children and 5 grandchildren, so being the support for as well. My plate is always full, but I am practicing self care, walking the dog after work everyday and being restful in the evening. ~ T.O.


J. and I are feeling a little cooped up but we are doing well and actually happy to have a little more time to do things at home and be together. ~ L.N.


I’m good…all things considered. I lead a NAMI affiliate so there is extra pressure on me to be The Rock. A lot of decisions to make. Our fundraiser had to be postponed and turned virtual…canceling classes and support groups and then creating online groups. Aack! 😀. Personally OK too. Isolating on Day 10…most quarantined for over three weeks now. I have a wife and a dog that make that palatable …lol. I can work at.home but the wife is essential so she’s still working in the office. I’ve been doing a lot of this sort of thing too…checking on my peeps. ~ D.B.


Believe it or not good! I have gotten my guitar out to play listening to more of my music. Listening to Sunday sermon. Did a voice submission for Kathy Mattea on 18 wheels and a dozen roses, she asked all of us to submit that. Many of us were in her fan club. Haven’t seen or heard that yet, a fun project of hers and her husband Jon. As The Bee Gees song said “Staying Alive.” ~ C.G.


Ok a little stressed. We moved to a new place and my disabled husband keeps falling. ~ M.B.


As good as can be expected. My daughter is distance learning which is interesting. I’m working from home but have to reapply weekly to. Was cycling between depression and anxiety the first 2 weeks but handling it well now. ~ S.T.


Thanks for checking in. We all are doing well. I am unemployed until at least April 7th. So been trying to get unemployment set up.


Agoraphobia’s never been more valid. 󰀀