When thinking about what I have the most gratitude for in my life, my cross immediately came to mind. By picking up my cross each day, I draw closer to my Creator, I learn to grow and be more like my Savior, and gain trust and reliance on the Holy Spirit.

I have the choice and free will, gifted to me by God, to either take up my cross and offer my day to Him or I can try to make a go of my day on my own. The days I choose God are always on a different level and trajectory than the days when I rely on me and my own strength.

I’m full of gratitude for having a cross to bear, because it shows me that God is still at work in my life and is standing beside me each step of the way. If I feel distanced from Him, it’s because I’ve strayed, not the opposite. If I am struggling, it’s because I have taken my eyes off of Jesus and lowered my cross or removed it completely.

I often find myself asking, “How will I take up my cross today?” And really each day is so different, but God uses the big and small in our process of becoming more like Him and for this I am thankful. How will you take up your cross today?