A friend is…

… the boy who plays you in 1-on-1 until you lose track at one million to one million.

… the girl who teaches you to do cartwheels with no hands.

… the guy who takes you cruising while you listen to “Running with the Devil,” on volume 11.

… the ’67 Belvedere that gets you where you need to go even when it won’t shift into reverse.

… the roommate who stays up all night with you every time a girl turns you down.

… the guitar player who sings John Prine songs with you every night after dinner.

… the one who goes with you to Waffle House at 3 am to to finish your term paper.

… the man who visits you on the psych unit and makes it seem like you are sitting at your kitchen table.

… the woman who messages you about everything essential and nothing at all.

~ Tony Roberts, 5.24.2018


Someone who can tell you what you need to hear & not what you want to hear. ~ Susie Johnson.

Friendship is a relationship where intimacy transcends time. ~ Michael Kremer.

A friend loves your faults as well as your strengths, because all are a part of you. ~ Jennifer Johnson.

A friend is someone who allows me to love them and from whom I can receive love. ~ Ann Hart.

A friend is a person you can be your best self with. Possibly your one true self. ~ Kim Graves.

A friend is someone who is steadfast, and speaks the truth in love, even when it’s hard to say, or hard to hear. ~ Kelcey Rockhold.

Someone you share a history with who you still look forward to seeing.  ~ George Love.

They say birds of a feather flock together, so I think a common interest is an important aspect. The tinder before the kindling that starts the fire, so to speak.  ~ David Featherston.

Friends notice when you’re not yourself, and they stick close, to help you find your way back to who you are. ~ Jill Goble.

A true friend is always honest, even when it hurts and someone who always wants you to be happy, and is accepting of your choices whether they agree with them or not. ~ Connie Akers.

Warm camaraderie. ~ Gary Goble.

Trustworthy, supportive, kind, nonjudgmental, loving, caring, reliable, fun.  ~ Lisa Trusley Allen.

Someone who likes you unconditionally.  ~ Mark Dile.

My best friends are those people that even though we may live in separate states, separate countries, separate lives, when you get together, it’s like you’re with yourself. It’s comfortable. It’s natural. No one has to work hard at it. It’s a feeling of trust and easiness.  ~ Becki Hensley Habig

A true friend is a person that brings out your best. ~ Basil Miller.

Friendship: a point of view based on the belief of a specialness in another person that distinguishes them from others. Only some are special within the realm of separateness, but all are friends when there are no others. ~ David S. Mason.

Someone who helps me to be more like Jesus on a daily basis and holds me accountable when I’m not. ~ Alisha Roberts Wolpert.

Someone that has your back. It doesn’t matter that you my not see or talk to them in a while but when you do you pickup where you left off. ~ Kimmie D. Berke-Harlow.

Someone who knows the “true you.” Someone with whom you have mutual likes, can laugh and have fun with, and also cry with. Someone to whom you can pour out your soul, and they treat it so gently. ~ Nancy Naber.

Someone who you can rely upon and is not blood-related. Someone who knows you well enough not to judge, and to know when you need a hand up or a kick in the seat. ~ Jaime Coffman.

Someone who understands you and accepts you as a person, and who also sticks by you and seeks to build you up in whatever way necessary. ~ Sam Goble.

Friends are like oxygen; you don’t realize how much you depend on them until they aren’t around you any more. ~ Julie Hughes.

Loyal, honest, caring & kind.  ~ Heather Rawlings.

In a word… dependable.  ~ Valeri Towne-Torquato.

… believing in each other, rooting for each other, listening without judgment.  ~ Veronica Johnson.

True friendship can withstand time, distance, and conflict. If you and your friend can honor and care for each other despite these hiccups then you have a mutual friendship…with a true friend.  ~ Leanne Sype.

Someone with whom you truly feel “at home”, … [one] to share your heart without fear of shame or censure. Within the enjoyment and safety of that shared life, there is room for counsel, challenge, and sharpening, with the goal of building each other up.   ~ Susan Vos McCracken.

[A friend]… respectfully lets you feel it’s okay to be yourself even when you disagree.  ~ Mike Lee.

… one with whom you share that deeper level of shalom. That deeper level of wholeness, peace, and harmony in your relationship that can only be entered into through the Christ.  ~ Brandon Andress.

… someone who you can be completely vulnerable with without fear of judgment or condemnation ~ Joshua Gerard Detwiler.

Friendship knows no boundaries of time and space. The intimacy of friendship can be recalled at any time.  ~ Sarah Richey.

A connection between two people on a personal, deeper level.  ~ Patti Lux Matthews

Someone who is there to share struggles, problems, and celebrations.  ~ Lisa Pein

A friend is someone with whom you’ve made a connection – an understanding, similar point of view, or circumstance… Some are kindred spirits – you speak the same language, and feel strongly about similar things… Having them out of the fabric of your life leaves a gap.  ~ Jan Hoffman.

A friend is someone you can turn to on your worst of days. They don’t judge but give honest, sometimes painful advice. They also know you well enough to just listen. ~ Mabria Kinnett.

A friend is someone who loves you even when you are unlovely. They rejoice with you in victories and walk beside you through the storms.  ~ Marie Clyburn Pendleton.