One of my social media friends, Cat Lyons, asked me if Revealing Voices is still running. It is. This faith-based, peer-led, story-driven, stigma-breaking podcast is now 10 episodes strong. All these episodes can be accessed through our website: Revealing Voices {dot} com.   Here you will find a diverse collection of voices from people on the front-lines of faith & mental illness. Nurses. Pastors. Writers. Activists. Therapists. Advocates, and others. For a taste, here are the episode titles (with links) and show notes.

Episode 1: “Faithful Family“: Jen Riddle (Eric’s wife) & April Cohen (my sister) discuss what drew them into their spiritual and healing professions. April shares what it is like to care for an adult brother who has bipolar disorder, and Jen reveals how she and Eric navigate a relationship with a mental health diagnosis.

Episode 2: “Amy Simpson is Unsatisfied“: Amy is an author, speaker, and life & leadership coach who is one of the leading Christian advocates for persons with mental illness. Her award-winning book Troubled Minds: Mental Illness an the Church’s Mission has opened many sanctuary doors to a topic largely concealed.

Episode 3: “Tony E. Roberts Revealed“: Eric interviews co-host, Tony E. Roberts.  As an avid blogger and author, Tony is comfortable revealing his journey with mental illness.  In this podcast, we learn how Tony developed the confidence and calling to share the difficult intimate details that are part of his experience.

Episode 4: “Katie Dale is Bipolar Brave“: Katie shares her unique blend of passion for recovery and humor over episodes in her past. She reveals joys and frustrations, and still comes to affirm the value of both faith and mental healthcare.

Episode 5: “Marie Henning, Super Human Resource“: Marie has spent her career as a Human Resources professional. In this episode, Marie takes us behind the doors of the office where crucial conversations occur, prayers are offered, and people in distress are uncommonly cared for.

Episode 6: “Mark Teike, Lutheran Leader“:  Mark Teike has served as senior pastor at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Columbus, IN since 1992. Recently, Mark has become much more aware of the struggles related to mental illness and is passionate about helping individuals and congregations walk alongside those who live with a mental illness, as well as their families.

Episode 7:  “Eric Riddle Revealed“: I interview co-host, Eric Riddle.  We discuss unconditional love, haiku, “bipolar order”, wearing a banana suit, Faithful Friends ministry, and many other topics.

Episode 8: “Kelcey Rockhold Rocks“: Kelcey is an Oregon native, currently living in the Arizona desert with her family. Kelcey works as a freelance editor, and when she isn’t blogging, baking, or laughing at “The Office,” she can usually be found connecting with others in conversation (usually over coffee and pastries.)

Episode 9: “Sarah Lund, Pastor and Author” : Wanting to dialogue on the recent suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, we interview Pastor Sarah Griffith Lund.  Sarah has been speaking publicly about the intersection of faith and mental wellness since releasing “Blessed are the Crazy: Breaking the Silence About Mental Illness, Family and Church” (Chalice Press) in 2014.

Episode 10: “Art Therapy with Sister Maria“: Eric’s sister, Maria Riddle, graduated in 2017 from the Master’s in Art Therapy program at IUPUI in Indianapolis. Maria discusses the process of integrating art into more traditional methods of therapy.

Upcoming Episodes:

In two unedited episodes, Eric and I discuss our unique approaches to mental health ministry, as revealed in writing and service. We talk about my book, Delight in Disorder: Ministry, Madness, Mission as well as Eric’s book, Watershed: Service in the Wake of Disaster.

We interview Robert Vore, of CXMH: A Podcast at the Intersection of Faith and Mental Health.

Scott Hundley joins us. Scott is the Director of Counseling for Columbus Community Church’s Community Downtown.


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