Whether you have a loved one who is diagnosed with a serious mental illness, or you want to learn more about the topic and those who provide care, this book is for you. It’s important to know about this subset of people who struggle in the shadows due to an invisible illness that can strike anyone. We need to talk about it openly and share our stories widely. ~ Kathy Day, Senior Family Liasion, Treatment Advocacy Center

I am delighted to share that word from Janet Coburn that she is in the last stages of line item editing. Associate editor Katie Dale and I are preparing the dedication page and editor’s note and Leanne Sype is ready to do the ebook and print formatting. We are right on schedule for a November release.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to wait to order your copy/copies of this vital and valuable book. You can pre-order at our website: https://delightindisorder.org/hftm-preorder/

By purchasing the hardcover edition for just $25/each (shipping and handling included for addresses within the United States). By ordering early (before October 1), you are offsetting publication costs and making it possible for more net proceeds to be donated to three vital mental health causes — the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC), and Delight in Disorder Ministries.

I am filled with gratitude for the many hands that are going into this project. In addition to 106 contributors, we have a special “Team Hope” shepherding the book into publication. This team includes:

Tony Roberts – Chief Editor
Katie Dale – Associate Editor
Adela Dickey – Webmaster, Delight in Disorder board member
Janet Coburn – Line item editor, social media manager
Leanne Sype – formatter
Laura Pogliano – social media marketer
We would greatly appreciate your support and prayers as we carry out this act of advocacy in sharing our stories.