“It is impossible to read this collection without a moist eye, an overwhelming anger at the cruelty of brain diseases, exasperation at society’s failure to help, and a deep admiration for the undaunted spirit of those who speak out and advocate for their fellow travelers on such a difficult path.”

– Pete Earley, author of CRAZY: A Father’s Search Through America’s Mental Health Madness, finalist for the 2007 Pulitzer Prize

Hope for Troubled Minds is now available in paperback and can be ordered through Ingram Sparks from any bookstore. It is also available at Amazon. The list price is $19.99. Net proceeds support National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC), and Delight in Disorder Ministries (DiDMin).

Hope for Troubled Minds is a trove of tributes, collected to celebrate the lives, legacy, and strength of those who lead brave lives in the face of brain disorders and mental illness. These are testimonies and shout-outs to the ones we love who have supported us, or we have supported, through some of the most testing lifelong trials that come with having these kinds of health conditions. Throughout this anthology, you will hear from parents, children, spouses, siblings, and friends who have been inspired to share their hope for a fulfilling life, in spite of their ailments. Each tribute has been a carefully prepared gift waiting to be held in your hands to send a message of resilience in the midst of suffering, and hope in the midst of hardship. Most of all, these stories thematically resound the truth that we are here for one another, and never alone.

Hope for Troubled Minds on the Road: April 14-24

Tony Roberts and other contributors will be on a book tour to share readings from the book, host Q&A sessions, and sign books. Here is the Book Tour Schedule. All times shown are EST.

April 14 at 11am at First Congregational UCC in Indianapolis, IN

April 16 at 6 pm Bartholomew County Public Library

April 17 at 3pm at Mill Race Center in Columbus, IN

April 20 at 11am-1pm at Viewpoint Books in Columbus, IN

April 21 (morning) at First Presbyterian Church in Columbus, IN

April 23 at 11am at Hebron Presbyterian Church in Shepherdsville, KY

April 24 at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY


If you would like to have Tony visit your area, reach out to him at tony@delightindisorder.org