Dear Mom and Dad,

Thank you for loving my battered soul and caring for me when all I could do was hurt and hate myself.

Thank you for the care and support. The hours of holding my hand through what we later learned were panic attacks.

Thank you for taking me to the ER, and numerous doctors to try to find the cause of my unease. My disease. Which we later learned was called manic depression, or bipolar when we went to a psychiatrist.

Dad thank you for the many overtime hours you worked so our family could have a stay at home mom and health care.

Thank you mom for being my angel. Thank you for always offering the HOPE that life can get better and that I could be well. I now live a happy healthy life in marriage with a family of my own because of your steadfast love and care.

Thank you.


Thank you Jill. We did what we thought was the right thing to do for our children. As you have now learned as a parent, each child is different and their needs are different. You do what you can and hope it is good enough. Raising a child with a medical condition that is not yet recognized by the medical community is tough. It is not just hard to get the right medicine to help, it was hard to get any medication to help. Thankfully they now understand what Bipolar is and how to treat it.
Love, Dad

Oh Jill, what a beautiful letter you wrote! You know Dad and I are proud of the person you have become. But remember, you did the hard work to make all this happen! We love you so much.