In March of 2020, I stepped aside from my position as Faith and Mental Health Advocate to spend more time at home during the pandemic. God graciously guided me to serve in another way, as I became the founder and administrator for the Facebook community page Hope for Troubled Minds. Soon I was fielding prayer requests and publishing content to inform and inspire people impacted by brain illnesses, including their loved ones. Our aim was/is to generate hope and we have found a good way to do this is to encourage people to post from their heart and point in response to basis of faith that is non-sectarian but also so generic that it is watered down. I may be biased, heck, I am biased, but I’d say we’ve largely reached our goal thanks to a community, and leadership (Janet Coburn – moderator; Katie Dale – co-administrator) dedicated to the task.

Since mid-late 2021, my time has been consumed with a publication borne out of these efforts. Soon Hope for Troubled Minds: Tributes to Those with Brain Illnesses and Their Loved Ones (projected release – November 1) will be launched first in hardback, then Kindle, and paperback. Our hope and prayer is that it will be available through Audible as early as Nov, 2024.

Much hard work and creative effort has gone into the project and will continue to be poured forth. Our Team Hope publication staff – Katie Dale, Adela Dickey, Janet Coburn, Leanne Sype, and I – have shepherded the project to the verge of hitting “submit.” You may be wondering how you can join us adventure? What can you do to help, and also benefit?

  1. Pray – we are currently in the essential yet a bit tedious proofreading phase and we want to get it right.
  2. Spread the Word – we are relying on contributors, followers, and friends to do the lion’s share of marketing.
  3. Purchase pre-sale copies for the discounted rate of $25/each: