In this age of anxiety about the virus crisis, some spread scare tactics that produce panic. Others point to hope in the midst of despair, faith in the face of fear, peace where worry abounds. Les Rust is one of the latter.

I’ve known Les since our grad school days at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary. We were in some classes together and were part of a small weekly prayer group. Les has a non-anxious presence well-worn in his short bearded stature. His sweet Appalachian drawl conveyed the thoughtful well-read Southern intelligence often discounted by ignorant Yankees as hillbilly nonsense. A graduate of Berea College, Les has a wood worker’s hands and a pastor’s heart. I’m blessed to call him a friend, my brother in Christ.

Of all the arrows in his quiver, I appreciate his gift for writing the most. I am thrilled he is putting this to good use in his blog — Character in the Making. Here you will find personal essays on the extraordinary nature of ordinary days. Life. Death. Hope. Despair. Faith. Sin. Redemption. All the components that are common to all in this wickedly wonderful world.

One way Les has found to spread the Good News without spreading infection is through “Epistles from an Epidemic.” I want to feature the first installment here. I encourage you to read it carefully and respond prayerfully.


Epistles from the Epidemic I by Leslie D. Rust.


Take care of yourself. Take care of each other. Receive God’s care.