In 2018, a wonderful thing happened that almost slid under the radar. Susan’s book, Kicked to the Curb was released. But we were in no position for a party. Susan was at St. Vincent’s hospital with countless leads going to her brain. She had been having seizures and they were trying to determine a cause. I tried to celebrate this momentous occasion with her and carry out a modest campaign with the help of her publisher Paper Raven Books, but things were more than a little subdued.

Fast forward three years, much has happened. We got engaged, married, and bought our first (hopefully) forever home. Professionally, Susan contracted with American Prison Data Systems (APDS) as Director of Education, she is a court appointed expert consultant for a case involving the provision of Special Education services to individuals incarcerated in the New Jersey Department of Correction, she just completed a two-year term as President of Correctional Education Association (CEA) and is a member of the Education Outcomes Task Force, which reports to the Governor’s Commission on the Improvement on the Status of Children in Indiana. She now serves as a Visiting Professor in the Department of Education at Indiana University.

And her health? Well, that’s the best news. After successful brain surgery for a rare condition (only 11 recorded in medical history), she has fully recuperated and is seizure-free. Thanks be to God!

Now is the time to celebrate!

On October 26, 2021, Kicked to the Curb will be relaunched. We are currently recruiting a launch team. Launch team members receive a complimentary advance copy, commit to downloading a free ebook during the promotional period October 26-31, then post a rating and review and share on social media.

If you would like to donate a little of your time and effort as a launch team member, please send me an email at:

To whet your literary appetite, you can listen to this episode of Revealing Voices recorded around the time Kicked to the Curb was first released.

From the show notes:

Dr. Susan Lockwood, author of “Kicked to the Curb: Where Policy has Failed our Most Vulnerable Youth and the Fight for a Better Tomorrow,” discusses her new book scheduled for release in December 2018.

She is the former Director of Juvenile Education at the Indiana Department of Correction, where she retired after 17 years as a special education teacher and state-wide school administrator.

Currently, she is the owner of Nexus Point Consulting, LLC, specializing in correctional education and workforce development, and the Director of Education Strategy for American Prison Data Systems, PBC.

Topics include:

How does she advocate for change in the criminal justice system?

Why did she choose “Kicked to the Curb” as the title to her book?

What is her experience of the integration of mental healthcare in the prison system?

What is an example of hope and resilience?

What does healing mean to you?