You may want to reconsider if he…

… follows you around the mall telling you how ridiculous you are for wanting to have a career as an at-home mom.

… refuses to leave your apartment until he has beaten you in more computer hangman games than you have beaten him.

… tells you to pretend you don’t know each other at the campus picnic so people won’t know you are a couple.

… proposes to you in bed by saying, “You don’t really want to get married do you?”

… jumps out of your moving car because you can’t agree whether to have plants or flowers at your wedding.


Then again, you may appreciate that he…

… sneaks into your apartment while you are at work, puts on “I Will” by the Beatles, grabs you as you enter and dances with you in his own goofy way.

… composes a poem for you and publishes it in his campus-wide newsletter.

… shows up at your door at 3 a.m. with freshly baked blueberry Amish bread. With walnuts.

… gives you a mix tape of songs that remind him of you, songs he loves and wants to share this love with you.

… cries with you when you tell him about your childhood, holds you through the night and hums a lullaby to help you sleep.


So you want to marry someone who has bipolar?


You may want to reconsider if you need someone who is…

… consistently stable.

… dispassionately objective.

… modestly understated.


Then again, he may be…

… lavishly affectionate.

… passionately engaged.

… tenderly empathetic.


”Love, n. A temporary insanity curable by marriage.” ~ Ambrose Bierce.