It’s been a busy week. We are at the National Correctional Education Association (CEA) conference. I have come along to support my wife Susan, who is President. While she attends to many various and sundry presidential matters, I am staffing her display table, selling her book Kicked to the Curb, encouraging people to subscribe to her blog, and sharing information about her business Nexus Point Consulting.

Often, a week of being around people would do me in. While I flock to the spotlight, I can be consumed by the energy of crowds. When I took the Myers-Briggs I scored off-the-scale Introvert. I have learned to endure public duties, but they clearly drain me. As I write this alone in our room, listening to the white soul sounds of Slaid Cleves, Susan is still going strong at a reception honoring teachers of the year.

It may take me a week or more to fully recover from the conference, but I am I glad I came. It has been such a blessing to see Susan in action. I have come to know her as a loving mother, a devoted wife, an effective teacher, a strong advocate, and a faithful family member. Now I’ve discovered how gifted she is as a leader among her peers. They respect her because she listens carefully, she expresses concern, she sees issues beyond personalities. Susan brings out the best in everyone who is willing to be their best self.

Yes, the week has been rough, and it has been difficult to share Susan’s time and attention. But it is also clear that this is her calling. She just sent a text to me about an hour ago that says:


I love you. I will be here a little while but will be home eventually. Kind of enjoying being the President right now.


I did not marry Susan to clip her wings.

Fly, angel of mercy, fly.