Lauren is a mum of two beautiful children. She has a BA Hons in Health and social care and also a diploma in CBT. Lauren became a born- again Christian in 2004. She is transparent about her ups and downs with mental health, depression, anxiety and self- harm. But God helped her with these and she has learnt to refocus from the negative and towards Christ. She practices being mindful of Him, thus the name of her blog ‘Mindful of Christ’. She is the author of ‘Christian based Cognitive Behavioural therapy.’ A Speaker and a Christian Life Coach where she helps people to recognise & overcome limiting beliefs & negative mindsets and help them to discover and step into their God given purpose.

Have you ever thought that you need to let go a bit more? I mean, do you ever go through life thinking you need to be in control? Or that some situations are out of your control and because you are wanting to take that control back it stresses you out or gets you down?


I used to be just like this! My story starts when I began fainting at 14. This would come and (not go but) ease for the rest of my life. Except, back in 2017 it eased long enough for me to be working for a local Christian Charity and do my driving lessons and pass! I’d not long been a single mum too. Then just three months after driving I had such a bad episode it put me in hospital for a week.  I was asked to resign from work and was told not to drive anymore. Then in July 2018, I was given a diagnosis, Neurocardiogenic syncope, the consultant told me “There is no cure or treatment for it”. This began the start of the depression again.

I was stuck indoors. It was a dark time and I began self- harming. Looking back, I realised it was something that I could be in control of, when everything else was out of my control, it was horrid, I couldn’t do anything to stop the fainting, I couldn’t do the things I felt a mum should be able to do and I hated it, I hated that everything was out of my control. 

After sometime I became fed up of feeling this depression, I wanted to be able to accept my circumstances and let go of the control that I so badly wanted. So, I reached out to God, crying so hard to Him, in prayer, I asked Him to take me out of the darkness.


Let Go


I was ready to give my whole self to Him and submit. That is just what we can all do. By giving up ourselves, letting go and letting God into every area of your life. 

I gave God all of my thoughts, fears, worries and sadness. In the next few months, I drew closer to Him again. 

We all need to go to Him. 

How do we do this though?

By building our relationship with Him and getting to know Him. 


I began by reading devotionals. As I did, I gradually wanted to know more about Him. I started to spend time reading the Bible and worshipping Him again.


Communication is also key in building relationships. Talk to Him but also listen to what He is saying too. 

Let Go, Let God


I began listening to Him and responding to what He was saying. The Lord asked me to start blogging. I argued with Him as I didn’t think I was ready, but He was clear and so two weeks later I finally did what I was told! I began by sharing my journey. In order to encourage and give hope to others. From here, God guided me to write a book. I didn’t know what it was going to be called or even what to write! All He said was that it was to be about mental health and faith. Then, when I sat down to write, He guided me through writing each chapter. 

Christian Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ was then published in January 2021.

It’s a course of 8 weeks, combining CBT techniques and questioning with prayer, scripture, biblical meditation and biblical mindfulness. It helps you to improve your mental health whilst keeping your focus on the love of God. CBCBT is the first step on your journey of healing, resilience and wellbeing. Therefore teaching you to let go of control and worry and let God fully into your life.


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