If you show your child your love, she’s going to share it with others.

If she shares her love with others, she’s going to get hurt.

If she gets hurt, she’s going to run back to you.

If you comes running back to you, you will give her a hug.

If you give her a hug, she’ll hold you tightly.

If she holds you tightly, she will make you smile with joy.

If you smile with joy, she will know she makes you happy.

If she knows she makes you happy, she will want to please you more.

If she wants to please you more, she will make pancakes with Daddy.

If she makes pancakes, she will put a banana face on yours.

If she makes a banana face on your pancake, she will want you to sing Gingerbread Man.

If you sing Gingerbread Man, she will dance with her brother.

If she dances with her brother, she may fall down and hurt her knee.

If  she hurts her knee, she may start to cry.

If she starts to cry, she may find it difficult to stop.

If she finds it difficult to stop, you will take her on her lap.

And tell her to breathe.

And that it’s okay to cry.

And that you love her very much.

And that God does too.

And she will share this love with others.