Michelle B is a loving mother, daughter, and child of God. She is working hard at surviving, maintaining sanity and positive thoughts, staying in the word of God and following his commands to live a good clean life. 

Dear mom, I’m writing you this letter to tell you how much you mean to me. You have been there for me and for that I am grateful. As you know I have 7 months clean. I want to express how deeply sorry I am for disappointing you with my drug use. You always tried to help me with my mental health even when I was young. I never listened and would suffer.

You saw the outbursts, the psych wards, and the melt downs. I felt them. I self medicated through meth use. It was like magic. Now I know this not to be true. After going to a psych doctor and getting diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety I take medication. It helps balance me out. The abuse I’ve gone through with different men has caused depression along with my mental health issues.

It was always hard to tell you I was using drugs. You and the boys just thought I was crazy. But it was domestic violence, meth use, and being bipolar all in one. You always stuck up for me when people called me crazy. I just want to thank you for sticking by me and recognizing I had mental health issues and wasn’t crazy. And also being abused caused depression.

Through therapy, medication, and being off drugs you’ve seen my life improve. Thank you for taking care of my precious children. I will soon have my baby girl in my custody. I love you for caring for her. Staying sane takes work. Accepting my mental health is ongoing. Thank you for always being aware of my bipolar and supporting treatment. I love you, mom.

Love, your daughter, Michelle.