For 13 years, he was the life of the party, greeting everyone in church, directing praise, sharing a smile or loving touch with those who needed it most.

Suddenly, 3 years ago, he developed a mysterious condition that has baffled even the top specialist at Johns Hopkins. He became nearly catatonic and has regressed to the point that all he can do on his own is eat.

Recently, we consulted an ear, nose, and throat specialist who found Caleb’s lingual tonsils are restricting oxygen to Caleb’s brain. Surgery is scheduled today.

I am praying for complete miraculous healing for Caleb, to the glory of God. Second, I pray that whatever lies ahead, we witness to the spiritual healing of Christ.

Please pray and invite other prayer warriors to do so. Call upon the One who alone heals us and makes us whole. #PrayingForCaleb.

Update: Caleb’s surgery is complete. The doctor said it went “extremely well.” He said Caleb’s were the largest lingual tonsil he had ever removed.

When Caleb saw me in recovery, he sat up, reached for my hand, and called out, “Dad.”

It’s still early, but this is a huge answered prayer.