HfTM Book Cover

“Hope for Troubled Minds is not merely a worthy book, but an essential one.

You will indeed find the stories of raw pain and heartbreak that I overlooked on my grumpy first read-through. The agony in these messages can be unbearable, and it amounts to an indictment of the shamefully broken system of American health care.

But the element of hope—Hope—has its place too. Hope is what pulls apart the collective, abstracted phrase, “the mentally ill,” and re-shapes it into individuals: distinctive individuals, each with a distinct core personality, each with a distinctive story to tell: a story that insists upon the dignity and the integrity of each subject of each message. “Hope” insists that we never, ever confuse or conflate the affliction with the soul of the victim. “Hope” insists upon reclamation and reform.

Read this book and join the cause.”

— Ron Powers, Pulitzer Prize winner
Author of Nobody Cares about Crazy People.

The long-anticipated, eagerly awaited book Hope for Troubled Minds: Tributes to People with Brain Illnesses and Their Loved Ones will be released November 1. The 300+ page book is filled with letters, poems, and song lyrics from over 100 contributors.

You can pre-order copies of the hardcover edition for just $25/each (shipping and handling included for addresses within the United States). By ordering early (before October 1), you are offsetting publication costs and making it possible for more net proceeds to be donated to three vital mental health causes — the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), the Treatment Advocacy Center (TAC), and Delight in Disorder Ministries.