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Who I Am

Tony Roberts, Author, 

Delight in Disorder: Ministry, Madness, Mission

"I'm delighted to meet you."

Me in 8.2016

My name is Tony Roberts. I am a Christian and I have a serious mental illness.

Many of my friends who also have troubled minds wonder how it is I would hold onto faith after such an agonizing spiritual struggle with insanity.

Many of my brothers and sisters in Christ wonder how my mind can be so disturbed if I am a believer.

I believe faith and medicine, prayer and pills, worship and therapy are God's essential graces to promote healing.

So, I'm telling my story in the hope of sharing Good News with those who have unquiet minds and shattering stigma about mental illness within and beyond the faith community.

I hope you'll join the conversation.


Get Delight in Disorder...

"This book is honest about the experience of living with bipolar disorder, and it’s full of compassion toward the many people whose own moods betray them so treacherously. It’s also full of hope—not the cheap kind we use to varnish over the truth about ourselves and about this life we live. But the only kind of hope that can stand when everything else falls: hope in Christ and his grace."   ~ Amy Simpson - Author, Troubled Minds: Mental Illness and the Church’s Mission