Budding Faithful Friendships with Mental Illness: Eric Riddle

Our guest today is Eric Riddle. Eric and I first met in March, 2014, a week before the release of my spiritual memoir, Delight in Disorder: Ministry, Madness, Mission. We went on to form a faithful friendship that, well, I’ll let Eric tell you about it.. (My words are in italics.) Thanks for joining us, Eric. We’re here to talk about faith and mental illness, two subjects I know you are passionate about. First tell me how you came to faith. I was raised in the church. As many who grow up in the church, I was following in my parent's tradition. I became more serious about my faith after my daughter was born. Going on a "Walk to Emmaus" retreat was a turning point in getting much more serious. I’ve heard those can be very transformational. Yes. The retreat was for men only and about 40 guys representing many [...]

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Staying Faithful with Mental Illness: Howard Chang

Our guest today is Howard Chang. Howard is from Southern California (So Cal, as the kids call it these days). Howard graduated in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in molecular biology and a minor in religious studies from Pomona College. His blog is called Redemptive Suffering. I read a post there called, “Spiritualizing Mental Illness: The Peril of Reductionist Thinking in the Church.” I sat down with a mug of Guatemalan java at Wegmans and we have the following chat. My words are in italics.   + + +   Can you briefly describe any personal experiences you have had with mental illness? I think that the term "mental illness" should be used with a high degree of caution, and since mental health nomenclature is such a complicated and sensitive topic, perhaps we shouldn't venture into that territory today. With that said, I have never had what I consider to be a "mental illness," [...]

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Devoted to the Word with Mental Illness: Susan Irene Fox

The mission of Delight in Disorder is to share the hope of Christ with persons who have troubled minds, and to shatter stigma towards mental illness within and beyond the church. One of the best ways I know to do this is to tell our stories. Susan Irene Fox describes herself as a “Jesus follower, peacemaker, unfinished human.” She recently celebrated her ten year anniversary “since I walked into the embrace of my Father’s arms.” Me:  How did you mark your ten-year anniversary? Susan: I looked back at some things that occurred right after I accepted Jesus. One of the biggest things was six months later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was almost as though the devil had been lurking for an opportune time to tempt me into forsaking God. But I never went there, never even went into fear. I just knew God was holding my hand [...]

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